Saturday, February 27, 2010

8 Months and on the go............

Happy 8 months to my sweet little girl today!

Its been a busy couple weeks! Sophia had a flu like bug. SCARY! throwing up everything left Jason and I nervous you would get dehydrated. With the comfort of Teleheath and my June Momma crew I made it through knowing that we were not alone and this awful bug was going around.
All better now and more focused on crawling and grabbing and pulling herself up on the furniture. I think we will have a walker before we know it.

This weekend Grandma and Grandpa Kerr came down for a visit and as always had gifts for everyone. We spent most of he evening eating butter tarts, yummy dips and chatting. We managed to get Grandma on the Wii to try a little hula. HILARIOUS!

This week coming up we start a new session if swimming lessons YAY! Also on Wednesday we are trying out the local Kindermusik program. The program is an introduction to infants and music and I have only heard amazing things about it! I will blog all about it later in the week.

I uploaded a couple photos I took today.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

This weekend I got to spend a couple days with my favourite people. My Aunt and Uncle went away so my cousins Taylor and Haley spent the weekend with us. Its so nice as they adore Sophia and will spend time playing and reading to her so I can have my hands free to clean a bathroom or THREE! :).

Also this weekend Sophia and I went to our friend Rachel's home to celebrate her son Peyton's 1st birthday. What a great time. So many babies and mommies on one room. Rachel put on a spread of yummy snacks and a yummy cake! I can't believe how much work someone can out into a birthday party. From the food and cake to all the invites and decor... Note to self. Sophia's party will be 100% catered! and someone ELSE will be make this cake.

Tonight the family and I made some Ultimate chocolate chip cookies.. A new recipe I found on Crisco.. they were so good I just had to take a photo. Disregard Jason's beard. He has 24 hours to cut it or there will be consequences.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mom & Baby Yoga

In September Sophia and I started going to Mom and Baby Yoga. My friend Linds had been going and it sounded like a lot of fun. I was looking for ways to get out of the house so I gave it a whirl. I instantly became hooked.

The photo was taken in October. One can only put her toes to her nose and clapping of the hands and feet some many times before zonking out! I have to say it has been a wonderful thing and a super way to bond with my baby. Sophia learned how to roll very early on and owe the pleasure to these Yoga classes. Before Sophia could crawl (oh and YELL) it was a calm and soothing enviroment. Don't get me wrong we still have our moments of Zen but they are becoming few and far between with this whole crawling around bit.. I think we will do one more session of Mom and Baby Yoga and then graduate on to Mom and Tot!
I should also mention I have met and became close friends with others in the class including our awesome teacher. Hey, anytime I can have adult interaction is a good thing for this Momma.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Heather!

Lately Sophia and I have been making the trek to Trenton to enjoy some much needed Mommy socialization. Today was Heathers birthday so three of us sat back and enjoyed a variety of treats including some from the famous Doohers bakery in Campbellford. YUM to homemade donuts AND Chocolate Cream PIE! Nothing like sitting around Heathers kitchen table drinking coffee and gossiping about everything while our babies crawl around and get into things.

I love being a Mom.

Above is a couple photos of the YUMMO cake Heather made me for MY birthday! Yep those are handmade flowers.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BLW - Baby Led Weaning

A couple friends asked me about our attempt to feeding Sophia and what this BLW is all about. Back in December hubby and I joined forces and spent a day mastering the art of making puree's from chicken to green beans we filled the freezer with 10's of 2 oz containers of all our hard work. We quickly discovered she really didn't like the purees and really who would??? The taste is so bland and don't even ask me about the texture UGGG. I had been hearing about BLW and how babies love it and how easy it makes life. So we tried it. It's a method where you don't bother with spoon feeding and purees, baby just feeds themselves from the start. They don't really ingest much at first (just play and explore) but soon they learn how to move the food around in their mouths and figure out how to actually eat it. It's nice because you can just give them a bit of what you're having for dinner. Her first night it was avocado chunks and then we moved everyday it was something new. From chicken, broccoli, banana, cheerios, cantaloupe, pork, to roasted potato. It was so easy and MUCH healthier for us too. For her benefit we didn't use extra sauce or seasoning. (Dr Oz tells me isn't good for your heart anyway) The thought of all our hard work in the freezer was going to go to waste made me ill. I came across a thread in the New Moms section of BB. A whole thread dedicated to the art of BLW. Someone there suggested spreading the purees on toast and cutting into strips. So I tried it and SHE LOVES THIS technique. She actually sucks the sweet potato puree right off the bread which is awesome because it’s so good for her and easy for me. So it’s been almost two months and she is thriving. A couple weeks ago we were at our friends and she tried homemade Lasagna. She loved it so much the next night I made Spaghetti and she devoured it. (by the way devouring to her is like 2-4 tablespoons) I recently made some baby friendly muffins loaded with blueberries, avocado and bananas and she goes right to town on them.

Above are some photos of Sophia eating.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Almost forgot I wanted to type something up about Sophia's new sport, swimming. We have such a great time and I really look forward to our Thursday mornings with our instructor Cassandra. I want her job.. I mean who wouldn't want to blow bubbles and splash around with 6-18 month old all day LOL. Sophia loves it and is definitely not shy. She splashes and laughs and LOVES to go down the slide. We starting dunking our heads under the water today and she didn't mind at all. The above picture is with her friend Eve.

She's crawling.

So a couple BIG milestones in the last two days. First off Miss S broke in a bottom tooth. I know you are not supposed to touch it but it gave her relief when I rubbed her red swollen gums and I am pretty sure I pushed that little tooth right through. SECOND and scariest is she is now crawling - forward and backwards. YIKES now I need to BABY PROOF this joint. It is really cute to see how happy she is about her accomplishment. She was sqealing with pure delight when she figured out that now she can get to the remote for the T.V or the remotes for the Wii. :)
Today she was playing on the floor with Daddy and she attempted to pull herself up on ottoman only to crash down and startle herself. I hope walking is not to soon in our future.