Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The $4.00 MilkShake

What a great day for a walk! I decided to load up the wagon and head down to the Stirling Public Library! Christopher is still to little to sit up so I just prop him up in the centre of the wagon a fluffy pillow and let his head rest on Sophia leg. Its actually really cute looking. SO off we go! we get to the library and play with some puppets, read some book! Whoops, Sophia gets a dirty diaper. Its an old old old library and the only bathroom is up these creaky stairs.! BUT they actually have one of those fancy change stations in the handy cap stall! I am quickly thinking of the logistics of it all. I can't leave Christopher alone - I wont set him up on the floor, SO I balance him on the end of the fold out change table and quickly (ninja like) change Sophia. phew! I then notice Sophia has punk ed the Elmo doll from the kids library area. She dropped it behind the toilet.. bleh!

OK so we trek back down the stairs and finish up in the Library. I load up the wagon and we head down to West Wings for a treat! Did you know for a itty bitty vanilla milk shake its FOUR DOLLARS! So I don't consider myself a real frugal person but four bucks???? I ended up just getting one for Sophia! Meh Ill know better next time. Christopher was so excited he zonked out on the way home.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

So so very cute!

Christopher received the cutest little onesie this weekend! His Grandma and Grandpa Kerr came down for a visit and as always they brought gifts and one was the sweetest little Ford onsie. Christopher is growing and every day its something new! A couple weeks ago we started solid foods and so far its been a lot of fun! He loves Banana, Avocado, apple sauce, and spaghetti! OH and cheerios. He weights about 20 lbs right now and is about 30 inches long. wheeeeeeeeee.
October looks to be crazy month with swimming lessons and gymnastics. Plus I may start a Zumba class on Friday nights!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If someone else tell me.....

that I must be busy I am seriously going to S.N.A.P. Ya thanks! I look like I haven't showered in days, my clothes fit horribly to big to small to short to long. I am running non stop but still can't seem to lose the 80 lbs that Christopher put on me! Ya so lady at Family Space please don't remind me about being busy! What gave it away the giant bags under my eyes because my son doesn't sleep! EVER! Oh wait he naps. For about 15 minutes at a time. Oh I should let him cry? No thanks, Grandma, Dad or AUnt or some random person that feels entitled to offer their opinion. NONE OF YOU HAVE OFFERED TO HELP ME! SO leave me/us alone.

Rant over!