Friday, May 27, 2011


Friday night we had my 8 year old neice Makayla over for the night! Sophia just loves when we have guests! Someone other then her dogs or baby brother to play with. Makayla is always such a big help when she is here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our First Hotel stay with Two!

We swore this would not happen for a while! The last time we did this was in December of 2010. Sophia was a nightmare to say the least! She just wouldn't sleep. We actually ended up checking out in the middle of the night and making the 2.5 hour trek home from Burlington to the security of her crib.
Anyways, this weekend we were going to be travelling to Oakville to introduce Christopher to his Uncle John, Aunt Kim and cousins Jack and Peyton. There isn't enough room at Grandma and Grandpa Kerr's so we always get a hotel. Actually since the nightmare of a trip in December we have been just been making day trips which SUCK!!
Christopher is a horrible traveller so we decided to bite the bullet last minute and book a hotel to break up the travel a bit.... I book the first 4 star on Hotwire and BAM we are staying at the beautiful Sheridan Airport hotel. Way over our heads. Like WAAAAAAAY over our heads. Fancy Schmancy. Beautiful lobby with a high end restaurant. I even saw a women in a fantastic gown with a pair of Christian LouBouton shoes. shhheeesh... Jason pulls our dirty SUV up to the doors. Its about 10pm I jump out in my postpartum fugly pants with over sized stretched white tee shirt (convenient because I am breastfeeding.) to check in oh and I guess I feel a little better cause I had my $800.00 LV bag. So ya I feel like I am fitting in with the rich folk. BAHAHA. SO all checked in and up to room 613 for the night! Not so much. Jason rushes out to get some food and Sophia instantly starts to explore.. So much to get into. By the time Jason came back she had the room rearranged. Now time for bed. I guess it wasn't so bad. She was out like a light by 12:30am and slept the whole night beside her Daddy. Christoper and I cuddled up in the opposite bed for some shut eye. HE is a fab co sleeper. :) I guess it wasn't so bad and glad we gave it another chance.

Happy Birthday Ryan F.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting baby Ryan. He is the son to our best friends Lindsay and Paul. He is also the baby brother of Andrew and Hunter!
He made a fast and wild ride into this world at 9:11am today May 24th 2011. We were so happy to meet him and can't wait to watch him grow along side our kids.

On your birthday today Ryan there was a lot of things happening in the news.

Gas prices were 124.9 in Belleville.
President Obama and the First Lady visit the Royal Palace.
Today is the second last Oprah Winfrey Show.
Cost of a Canadian stamp is 0.59 cents