Monday, December 15, 2008

Its Week 12

Hurray Hurrah! Week 12 is here which means that I am almost in the “safe zone” My chances of a mis-carriage decrease by the day. My last post I had mentioned I started to take Diclectin for my nausea. I made an executive choice to stop as I figured everyone says I should be feeling better. BOY WAS I WRONG the nausea immediately took over. I became so sick I could not control my vomiting and unfortuanly would even get sick after taking my prenatal vitamins. SO SO not good. So back on the “D” pill and slowing feeling some relief and getting some much needed fluids back into the system.. Today I went for my step 1 IPS test, a quick vile of blood to determine the health of my unborn child.

I can’t get over the higher sense of smell I have. There is little food being cooked that doesn’t make me quease which means that this Christmas is goingt o be that much more difficult. UGGGG! So much for Turkey and stuffing. Thank god sweet stuff is my savior. J What made it ok for my husband to make ONION soup tonight I am not sure…. Its so smelly and rough on the nose… I actually became emotional.
Ok time to get back to Oprah!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

10 weeks only 30 more to go

So trying to keep with the modern day I have decided to keep a blog on my pregnancy progress. Plus those that know I am pregenant are always asking me how I feel and how I am coping withis big change that will soon come.
I know my title is CarleyandParkermom BUT this will be my/our first time as two legged Mom and Dad. Don't get me wrong my two goldens retrevers Carley and Parker have been great practice so far but I know and understand this time it will be different. So yesterday hit the 10 week mark.. which some might think is to early to stress about but in reality I am 25% done. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks to pass... This nauseated feeling has made the quality of my day to day life suck and suk some more.. I keep thinking Lord its worth it.. My doctor prescribed me Diclectin a SAFE anti nausea drug to help me cope but some days (lateley )its just not cutting it.
I need to figure out how to scan my first UltraSOund. You really can't see him/her (hopefully only one) BUT I heard the little heartbeat which made this whole thing so real. The technician seemed to like the look of things so far along with my post OBGYN appointment,, This whole this is just mind blowing. Apparentlty this week the baby is pretty much fully formed. Well I feel a waive coming on so time for me to end... be back soon.