Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Its the most wonderful time of the year in my eye's. I love walking through the many local greenhouses and garden centres to see and plan this years garden. The cherry on top this year is I get to bring along my beautiful little girl and try to explain to her everything I know about the subject. I can only hope one day she enjoys it as much as I do. Since buying our home in October 2006 I have been trying different things each year. The summer of 2008 Jason built me a large bed wrapping around the front and West side of our old home. Since then I have been experimenting with different perennials and and annuals. Last year the garden was taken over by beautiful morning glories and allsym and this year I am hoping to experiment with white pholox and sweet William.
Here are couple pics from last year.
Also this year and I am using black mulch. Very dramatic against the red brick house.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Child Car Seat Safety

everyone should view this video.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sophia's new room.

We had to shuffle our rooms around upstairs to allow room for a bigger office. Since Sophia really never used her room to begin with we moved her stuff out and moved mine and Jason's stuff. The room what was once called the computer room was painted "field of flowers pink" carpeted and set up as the nursery. I whipped up some curtains which I was really pleased with. Check out the photo's

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring is here

Wow what a great weekend. This week I took Sophia to a cute little park not far from our home. She loves the infant swing and will squeal with glee when I push her.
I've found a new destination for our afternoon walks now. woot! woot!
This weekend has been so beautiful weather wise. Today hubs did some lawn maintenance and I started some spring cleaning. I just love the feeling of throwing things away! I am the furthest thing from a pack rat! I hate clutter! We have this "room" ~~~shudder's~~~ upstairs and its is FILLED with my husbands CRAP. It actually makes me queasy thinking about it. I just want to get a green garbage bag and toss the LOT of it out.. WTF why does he need so many baseball cards????? LOSER! and old computer parts! THROW THEM OUT. I know if I clean it I will deal with his rath so I stay away. anyways

I have also spent past few weeks planning around our little business. I talked to my friend Christine yesterday (Marketing guru) and she gave me lots of info and advice. More to come soon.

Here are a couple shots from our Monday walk.