Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birthday x 2

Yesterday our sweet Charlotte turned 1.  I picked her up a couple small gifts.  A glow worm and leap frog spinny toy thing.  More so for Chris and Sophia to see her get something.  I picked them each up a helium balloon to pls with. I'm sure Charlotte was saying balloon, sounded more like ball though. We had cake from Riverside bakery and pancakes, sausage and bacon for supper. (Pancake Tuesday) we spent the evening doing what I love. Being with the 4 most important people in my life.  Oh and Parker to.  
Today our Christopher turned 3!  
He is absolutely the most interesting person right now.  Every day he just wakes up smiling and eager to make everyone's day brighter.  In absolutely love our mornings with him.  He just wants to snuggle right in.  

After we got up and around he decided to take Daddy's ipAd to his room for some quiet time before breakfast.  
He heard me mention presents and whisked his way down the stairs to see what I was talking about.  What a great smile he has. We spent the morning lounging around and then saw Daddy off to work.  We watched Frozen and played.  Once Jason came home we headed into East Side Mario's for a special birthday supper.  The staff even sang to him. , which he didn't like.
After supper we quickly picked up a chocolate cake and headed to Great Grandpa Thompsons for some celebration.  Aunt Jill, Kevin, Makayla & Jackson were all there too.

Perfect way to close out a couple great days.

Christmas 2013

Well it was here and then gone in a blink of an eye!! The weekend prior we travelled to Oakville to spend Christmas with Jason's parents.  The kids loved spending the two nights at the holiday inn.
Christmas Day was a hoot!! The kids were absolutely spoiled rotten by Santa.