Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sweet moments

It's the moments like the one tonight that make all the sleepless nights and constant bickering worth it.   I came into Sophia and Christopher's room tonight to check on them and I found them curled up on the floor beside each other.  Total heart melting moment. 
Man I love them. 

First rEal snow fall of 2013

Yesterday morning I was woken up by Christopher at about 730 saying mommy it's snowing outside.  Sure enough the ground was covered in snow.  The heavy wet kind perfect for Making snowmen. So we put on our gear and outside we went.  All this before 8am.  Gah!  
Jason was working at Kevin's shop so it was just me and all three.  All the busses were cancelled so I decided to keep Sophia home.  After a good hour of playing outside we came and had some breakfast.  We decided to do some Christmas decorating.  I remembered a  I had seen on Pinterest involving handprints forming the shape of a Christmas tree. We made a mess but we're really happy with the results.  Both Christopher and Sophia managed to play well so I tidied.  Charlotte napped which was a nice treat.   For supper web decided the Kitchen was to clean the mess. So we packed up our things and went to the black dog across the road for grilled cheese and beef au juice.  
After supper we decides on a winter walk.  When we got home it was still early and the kids were anxious I stay outside.  Even though it was dark.  So we shovelled the driveway (I shoveled the driveway). Soon we went inside I warm up and watch Tv while we got ready for
Bed.  Christopher ended up passing out on the floor at 6:30.  Ha!  It's days like these that appreciate the job of a stay at home Mom.