Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello Winter!

Saw a little wee bit of snow today here in Hamburg, NY


Well Mr Christopher dear, you are 8 months old and still not crawling. Meh! Maybe this month. Sophia is attending Nusury school a couple days a week. She just loves it and I am glad I took this leap with her. Trusting someone with my precious little bean pulls hard on my heart strings. She is already learning new songs! And she always comes home with paint on her clothes! An artist one day? maybe!

A couple weeks ago we attended my cousin Christophers and his beautful bride Kims' wedding in Cambridge. We had a B.L.A.S.T. There is nothing better then being around family. This side of my family is 90% intalian so the wedding just wasnt the one night! It was a celebration from Friday until Sunday. So much delicious food. The kids were spoiled with attention while Jason and took a little time to relax and drink. :)

This weekend we decided to spontaniouly take a little vacation south of the border for a little holiday shopping! Today we made our way around the famous Walden Galleria and then the Burlington Coat Factory, finally Target with a side stop at TGI Fridays for some lunch. We managed to score a sweet hotel via This site has never let us down. We recommended it to so many friends which has also been raved about.
We are hoping to do this again in the very near future.

Tomorrow I am hoping to hit some outlets. A few weeks back I spent a small fortune at my new favourite boys clothing store Tommy Hilfiger. Although there were some great buys I would like to find one down here. Less tax and maybe maybe maybe a great sale. Gotta dress my little man. :)