Thursday, February 4, 2010

She's crawling.

So a couple BIG milestones in the last two days. First off Miss S broke in a bottom tooth. I know you are not supposed to touch it but it gave her relief when I rubbed her red swollen gums and I am pretty sure I pushed that little tooth right through. SECOND and scariest is she is now crawling - forward and backwards. YIKES now I need to BABY PROOF this joint. It is really cute to see how happy she is about her accomplishment. She was sqealing with pure delight when she figured out that now she can get to the remote for the T.V or the remotes for the Wii. :)
Today she was playing on the floor with Daddy and she attempted to pull herself up on ottoman only to crash down and startle herself. I hope walking is not to soon in our future.

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