Thursday, August 29, 2013

Charlotte 6 months

In just a few days Charlotte will be 6 months old.  Already two bottom teeth.  Thankfully she sleeps most of the night. I swear I could hold her and snuggle all day long.  Tonight while Daddy was working we borrowed a movie from the public library 'Charlottes Web' and after pizza and baths we cuddled up in the King for a movie.  My oh my I love these moments.  

Summers over

I always know summer is coming to an end as the tree on our front lawn starts to turn red. It's actually the first tree in Stirling to change. 
What's been happening?
This past summer we spent a lot of time just together as a family of 5.  We borrowed Jill and Kevin's trailer and camped at the Koa in Marmora for two nights. 
Jason started working p\t at Lowes in the evenings.  
I'm learning to see.  Thank you Jocelyn ;). 
Lots of meet ups and play dates.  The Andres came down from SK for an afternoon of laughter and BBq at the Browns.  
We took the kids to the Stirling fair where Chtistopher enjoyed yummy fried donuts and kooleed ( as he likes to pronounce it). 
We also hit up the annual Hastings plotting match where Chris and Sophia had fun checking out the tractors.