Sunday, October 27, 2013


I seriously have the best family ever. I love just having family around the table on the Sunday night.  Nothing fancy really, we just threw together some spaghetti and I decided last minute to bake a pumpkin pie for Kevin and I to share since no one Else loves that flavor.
I tried making a butter base pastry that actually didn't turn out to bad!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Family pictures

Last week we had the pleasure of having some family pics done with my very talented friend Amanda Lazarski of Inspired by the Tree photography.  It was an evening shoot in the lush fall leaves at the Quinte Conservation area.
We will now be able to remember the moments with these treasures. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ripleys Aquarium Visit - Oct 20th

 For the past few years this aquarium has been in the making.  We've been anxiously waiting for it to open. 
After a few delays its finally opened its doors last week.
 Off we went for the day.  I had many private messages asking about specific details so hopefully I'll answer them here.  I've never been to any other aquariums so all I can share is this experience and can't compare to other aquariums.

First, cost: For a family of 5 - 2 adults, a 4 year old, 2 year old and 7 month old it was $80.00
We opted to take the GO Train from Oshawa rather then parking.  Cost: 38.00 for two adults.  Kids were free.

We headed via the SkyWalk to the base of the CN Tower which is where the Aquarium is located.  Easy peasy.  Toronto makes it easy for people with small children & strollers to make there away around the CN tower attraction with the ease of elevators.  Bonus!

SO we arrived.  SUPER BUSY!  like lined up and around the building busy.  I took note that the line was for people waiting to buy tickets.  SCORE!!!!! we bought ours online so no waiting at all.    SO when you walk in you are upstairs in the facility. LOts to see...a huge cylinder tank with 100's of silver fish circling and schooling around.  SO cool looking.  Instantly caught Christopher's attention.  Yes there were lots of other people surrounding the exhibit but people quickly moved along after snapping photos.  It was easy to see everything and nudge to the front of the tanks.
Both Christopher and Sophia were mesmerized.    Obviously since the facility has been only open for 5 days it was clean and fresh and new.  So we wind our way down to the lower level looking at exhibit after exhibit.  And i mean HUGE tanks.  From blue lobsters to King Crabs to an Octopus.  So many different types of settings and species of fish.  Of course the best part was the danger lagoon.  It moves you along this motorized floor.  The tank is HUGE !!!sharks swim
Very close. You can see gums & teeth you're so close.  Sting rays and THOUSANDS of fish swim around this moving tunnel.  You do have the option to walk the tunnel.  But I'm fairly lazy so I just parked us all on this rolling floor and off we went.  The Jelly Fish display was so incredible.  Hard to describe and really, my pics don't do it any justice.
There were many little extra add ons many hands on learning centres the kids enjoyed using.  An open pool where you could reach in and touch the de stinged - sting rays and baby hammerhead sharks.   There was a restaurant (we didn't eat there) it was very crowed.  We spent about 2 hours overall.   It's like nothing I've ever seen.  The kids loved it so next time we will pick up a season pass. 

Adding that we visited the gift shop. Tee shirts for the kids around 12 bucks which I thought was ok.  Also bought a couple stuffed turtles for 10.00

Octopus - eeps

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 glorious days in October.

October is my favourite month.  Cooler temperatures, hearty meals and preparations for Christmas are in order.  So this month I'm going to post each day in honour if Thanksgiving.  
1/31 - today I'm so thankful for my three little people.  Sophia with her sassy personality.  Christopher with his love and charm, and my sweet Charlotte for giggles and snuggles and shrieks of laughter.