Friday, February 13, 2009

Your are making me ITCH

This whole pregnancy thing sure has its UP'S and downs. For instance.. NO ONE TELLS YOU you could scratch the skin right off your stretching belly.. On another note I had my regular OB appointment last week.. Looking like a train had smucked me on the way he asked me to take a couple weeks off work.. Not only did I lose MORE weight but I am very groggy headachey (I could handle it but its EVERY DAY) lathargic, no appetite.. Yes I love my baby more then anything but I believe if I didn't have my hubby I would stay in bed and never see the light of day. He forces me to eat and drink and brings me my nightly vitamin. TO make him feel valuble I remind him I AM carrying his child and if he was in the same boat I would look after him no problemo.. lol. However being the manly man he is he seems to think he could go through this process with NO problems. HA! I would like to witness that! So here I am trying to rest and take it easy.. I look around and there is so much to do. I am 20 weeks now and I know I know I am only 1/2 way BUT the past 15 have passed so fast I am not sure where the time went.
BABY update- so he/she is moving around ALOT.. there are moments when I can feel him/her stretch and move around. Our 19 week Ultrasound looked good however the little monkey had their legs crossed making it very difficult to see if we are going with a pink or blue room. Well I have a jam packed day of dog cuddling, napping and snacking, Oh an we are going to Ottawa tomorrow for the day to see all of our old friends and there babies..