Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

Last Wednesday we packed up the kids for a surprise visit to GWL.   The way there we told them we'd be staying in a hotel (they love hotels)
They had no idea and the a surprises on their faces were priceless.   We ended up
also using the arcade and mini bowling ally.  Of course , along with the giant water park.  Since it was a weekday it was quiet so no line upS!

Hot coffee?

I don't think I've finished a full coffee yet?  Started out ok but ended up with Charlotte swarming around my mug like a little honey bee.
December is here all over again.  We started ramping up
Christmas pretty much mid November.
This years tree once again purchased from Switzers.  

This year is going to be another fantastic Christmas filled with family, friends and lots of good food.
Sophia has asked for a Woody doll and Christopher has asked for a Buzz light year figurine.
Our elf of the shelf Hank appeared a couple weeks ago.