Monday, January 28, 2013

Goodbye Carley

Well its been three weeks since she crossed over the rainbow bridge. She was our first baby. She was our wedding/start to life gift to each other. Everyone loved her. She was so smart. We were in Obedience, Flyball and Agility in her younger years. She helped keep our foster dogs in line the short time they lived with us. Her and I we were an awesome team. We took her everywhere. THe longest we were apart was when we went to a friends wedding in the DR in 2007 That was a week away. She was 10.5 on Jan 4th 2013. Cancer took her from us. Very fast. So fast she left us before we actually knew what was wrong. But it was STage 4 cancer in her liver. She would have been pallative. We would have had to make the decision no pet owner wants to make and put her down. Thanfully and unselfishly she decided on her own. Sunday the 6th of January three weeks ago she was not herself, sick and lathargic. We had been waiting for other tests to come back. But something just wasn't right that day. We loaded her up with the kids. We dropped our Sophia and Christopher off at our best friends the Fykes where our Sophia touched her and said "I love you Carley" We drove to our emergency care vet in silence. When we arrived we opened the hatch and she was gone. The last thing she would have heard was Sophia's sweet little voice. Our hearts were broken. I've lost people in my life but this is so different. 
Wednesday we picked up her ashes. I had a birthday last week. Jason bought me a necklace that will eventually contain some of her ashes. That way she will always be close to my heart. 
Every day that passes it does get a tiny bit easier We know she never suffered a day in her life. SHe really did live the "golden" life. RIP my sweet girl. I read this great message recently - "if my dog isn't in heaven, then someday I want to go where they are" It can't be more true.