Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beautiful Fall Weather.

Jason is off pretending to be an electrician today :). The extra cash is always nice so off to work to help out my Dad for the day. I cleared my schedule and an doing the sahm gig all day. Such a gorgeous day with the leaves starting to change. We decided after breakfast and a bit if TV to go for a walk. I even had to dig out the hats. Burrrrrrr. Not complaining as this is my all time fave weather.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Apple Picking

Today we made our way out to an orchard West of Brighton for a little Apple picking. It's still very early in the season so the variety was limited. I've been dying to get my freezer stocked with apple crisp for the winter. Lindsay, Andrew, and Ryan joined us. Sophia and Andrew were big helps in the orchard. We picked all we needed in about 6 minutes flat!! We then made our way back to the entrance where they had some swings, sandbox, and giant pile of hay bales for the kids to climb up on. The air was so nice and cool but the sun was still shining. The perfect day, really! After we came home and Christopher went down for his nap, Sophia, Jason and I got to work making many, many apple crisps. Lots of work but lots of fun and memories made.