Saturday, January 14, 2012

Haircut nĂºmero dose.

Well don't like to count the first one because it was so traumatic for her. So yesterday Sophia had her FIRST hair cut at First Choice in Trenton. Feels like overnight her hair grew :). She was so good. Just sat and listened to the hairstylist . B

Christmas ornaments

I just love Christmas! Its over for 2011 and I'm kinda going through withdrawal. Sophia still says Merry Christmas and asks where Rudolph went! (our giant tacky blow up lawn figure)
Every year up until a couple years ago I would decorate with just about everything we had. Since then I've been tossing the old ornaments and using Pinterest for some inspiration. I've replaced all my ugly hand me downs with fresh sparkly new stuff! I'm pretty proud of myself because the last three years ive scored pretty large at our local Live Love Lsugh store and slso Michaels and got 75% off some holiday decor. :). Saweeet. One thing i treasure are ornaments that I've collected from friends and family. Iherr are few of my favs and a couple doorway garlands I made myself. Thanks for looking :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 months and crawling. YAY!!!

Well what a nice birthday! As like we have the past few years we have celebrated our birthdays at Tomasos in Trenton. Always the same spinich dip with Chicken Penne Alforno as the main! SO freaking YUM! Then as an extra treat we took off to Kingston today and had some burgers from the Works. OMG pure heaven. Our kinda joint. Premium burgers with any topping you could imagine. Jason says he likes South Street more but I disagree. And what better way to end our mini trip to K Town but to stop at Costco . :) Or as I like to say the 300 dollar store.

Tonight - January 10 2012 not only did little Christopher start crawling but Sophia pooped in her red potty. So so so so so proud. We werent sure what to say or do. Jason and I just stared at each other in shock. Sophia was uber proud of herself. We even rewarded her with a late night Smartie. :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sew what!

This past Christmas Jason bought be sewing machine. So far I'd only made bibs and a pillow case dress! Tonight I decided to challenge myself and make little lounge pants for Kwiss. Aka Christopher. Not to bad for my first try :)