Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Sophia.

For Sophia's 2nd birthday we really didn't do to much! It was a Monday and we went to Costco with the Fykes. That night Becky and Jarod came over for cake and snacks. Same as last year she was SPOILED! Lots of cash from Grandparent and 4 pair of shoes. (lucky) Sophia officially has more shoes then Jason and myself combined. LOL.
Becky bought her the cutest purple and white Puma running shoes. I had just finished up a Cake Decoration class through Michael's. It was alot of fun. I thought this year I would be a good Mom and make her birthday cake. TA DA it didn't turn out to badly.
Happy Birthday to my sweat sweat little one.

Mommy Daddy and Christopher

Friday, June 24, 2011

Haley's grade 8 grad!

Tonight was my Cousin Haley’s Grade Graduation. She looked beautiful from head to toe! I would like to add that I picked out her shoes.  Things have changes since my grade 8 graduation 18 years ago! (WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!)
The kids YEP kids (age ~ 13) are dressed up and polished like they are modeling for a fashion magazine. Everything matters like god forbid you have the same dress as someone else.. sheeesh. Haley and I have always been close. I have watched her grow from the second she was born babysitting, weekends at the lake. Haley was even the flower girl in our wedding. These days we spend Tuesday evening together in a cake decorating class. Tonight I had a little tear when an old song came on the radio. It was a song she knew the words to when she was only five. I used to laugh when we listened to it because she sounded so adorable. Well it came on the radio tonight while she was getting ready and we both remembered it.

The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

So we packed up early on Tuesday June 21st and headed to the Toronto Zoo with our friends the Fykes. Such a great day! The kids had an awesome time seeing all the animals. Andrew even got to feed some geese! The toddlers enjoyed the Carousel and Zoo-mobile rides, while the Infants slept most of the time in carriers or in one the three Quinny Freestyle strollers that we lugged along. LOL (inside joke) I debated whether or not to upgrade and get an annual zoo membership as its only about 90 minutes door to door. We decided after the day was over that maybe Sophia is still a little too young and would appreciate all the zoo has next year.

From Newborn to Infant

So tonight I was changing Christopher and noticed he is ALREADY growing out of his 6 month sleepers. ~cry~cry~cry~ He is only 15 weeks old. Not even 4 months and I already moving to 9 month sleepers :(. I just want to keep him in a little bubble. I just love our cuddles! He talks and mimics what I do. Like sticking out his toungue, cooing, and giggling. Gawd I love my little man. If you would have asked me in Febuary what I really thought of having a second baby and if there was any possible way I could share the love I have for my little girl with another human being! The answer would have been " I hope so" But the moment I set eyes on him I fell in love. Same love I have for Sophia. I am really enjoying my family of 4. Somedays are more challenging then others. Espcially with Sophia now turning TWO and starting the so called "terrible twos" We have already had our share of temper tantrums. LIke she HATES going to bed all of a sudden. Like naps are hard to come by! Oh and diaper changes are becoming a work out for both mommy and Sophia. She kicks and twists her body making it next to impossible GAH! Oh and Jason is hard core into studying with some midtems coming up so I find the days getting longer with the two of them. Thank goodness we have a great backyard to play in and burn off energy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy 9Th Anniversary to the best husband and of course Daddy to Sophia and Christopher. We aren't quite ready to go to a "sit down" restaurant with the kids just yet. SO we opted to just get some Wendy's YEP Wendy's drive Thur. Hey their new fries are awesome.
Maybe for our next anniversary we will do something special. Isn't 10 years a great big diamond ring? :)

Oh and yes this pic sucks! We were married before the digital camera was invented. Or so it feels like.