Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Jan 4 2009

So 2009 is here.. ALREADY! Today I am sick sick sick with a cold. Well I have had one since new Years Day.. Probably all the human contact I had at our neighbours NYE party. Lots of hugs and kisses and germ sharing. I would be fine if it wasn't this sore ass throat that won't seem to go away.

Christmas was good. Lots of nice things for the house and lots of much needed cash to put toward th Wii... Oh ya we got a Wii.. So excited when I woke up on Friday (SICK) hubby had left work early to come home to tae care of me.. with Wii in hand.. LOL I have yet to feel up to really getting into it but it will be my method of getting into shape after the baby comes. My next appointment with dr Adimendun is on Wednesday morning. Let see how much weight I have lost. I really can't see me gaining anything as I don't eat... I know its bad but just zero appitite. Jason trys his hardest to force feed me but its just leave me nauseaous and gross feeling. I was getting some tight headaches but after posting my symptom on todaysparent I was advised to drink more WATER! so far no more headaches.. hurray, Two nights ago I am pretty sure I had my first mild movement.. fun stuff woke me up in the dead of sleep. So So worth it though. I am hoping a good nights sleep tonight clears this cold and makes tomorrow a better day when I am back to work.