Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BLW - Baby Led Weaning

A couple friends asked me about our attempt to feeding Sophia and what this BLW is all about. Back in December hubby and I joined forces and spent a day mastering the art of making puree's from chicken to green beans we filled the freezer with 10's of 2 oz containers of all our hard work. We quickly discovered she really didn't like the purees and really who would??? The taste is so bland and don't even ask me about the texture UGGG. I had been hearing about BLW and how babies love it and how easy it makes life. So we tried it. It's a method where you don't bother with spoon feeding and purees, baby just feeds themselves from the start. They don't really ingest much at first (just play and explore) but soon they learn how to move the food around in their mouths and figure out how to actually eat it. It's nice because you can just give them a bit of what you're having for dinner. Her first night it was avocado chunks and then we moved everyday it was something new. From chicken, broccoli, banana, cheerios, cantaloupe, pork, to roasted potato. It was so easy and MUCH healthier for us too. For her benefit we didn't use extra sauce or seasoning. (Dr Oz tells me isn't good for your heart anyway) The thought of all our hard work in the freezer was going to go to waste made me ill. I came across a thread in the New Moms section of BB. A whole thread dedicated to the art of BLW. Someone there suggested spreading the purees on toast and cutting into strips. So I tried it and SHE LOVES THIS technique. She actually sucks the sweet potato puree right off the bread which is awesome because it’s so good for her and easy for me. So it’s been almost two months and she is thriving. A couple weeks ago we were at our friends and she tried homemade Lasagna. She loved it so much the next night I made Spaghetti and she devoured it. (by the way devouring to her is like 2-4 tablespoons) I recently made some baby friendly muffins loaded with blueberries, avocado and bananas and she goes right to town on them.

Above are some photos of Sophia eating.

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