Friday, March 29, 2013

8lbs and 7 oz

That's how much Charlotte weighed at her appointment yesterday. You are getting so big we love you so much Dr. Narona says that you're absolutely thriving. we do have to go get your heart looked at because of the valve that was open when you were born but apparently that' Something that's not uncommon at all. Actually your sister Sophia had the same thing but the valves closed on their own! Your brother Christopher is getting big also he is starting to talk more. The other day he came downstairs and said look parker did it!! So cute.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Charlotte day 1-13

We just can't get enough of our sweet Charlotte. Or as Christopher calls her, "Chart". You sleep pretty much all day and night right now. You are such a quiet baby. I love the little sounds you make. :). I love watching Jason cuddle up under a giant blanket with her. Sophia loves to let everyone know she is hers. My sister Charlotte! Christopher, well he is still a baby to me! Playing with his new Thomas trains is really all he cares about!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sweet sweet Charlotte

Welcome to our family. Saturday March 2nd we decided on a family drive to the county. On the way we picked up a couple pizzas and sodas from Pizza Pizza and picnicked while we made our way to the Glenora ferry. I hadn't felt much movement that day. Decided on some ice cream and even with the heavy sugar overload no movement. After the ferry ride we headed back through Napanee to Qz7 just to get checked and be sure. Everything looked ok other then a chance fluid looked low around baby. The OB on call recommended I stay the night and be monitored every 4 hours and then have a full scan done in the morning and further checked by Dr Ademidun my regular OB. I was grateful to find out my nurse was a good friend Jenn McDonald that night ?that night I shared a room with a very nice soon to be new mom Lesley! I was given non stress tests at 12:30 am and again at 5 am. Both perfect! In the morning I went downstairs to have a ultrasound to check fluids. Everything checked our fine. My doctor was still concerned about the lack of movements and gave me the option to be induced. We determined that I was exactly 38 weeks. I agreed I would rather not be worried and uncomfortable so I agreed to the induction. Because unwashed GBS positive and allergic to the antibiotics I had a mini consultation with Dr Dempsey a pediatrician. He mentioned a couple of quick tests they would do once baby arrived.
the induction started via pitocin Contractions started pretty quickly. Jason came by with Sophia and Christopher. I was moved to room 710 (delivery) Jaison and the kids followed. After an hour and a lot of painful contractions we made arrangements for the kids to go home to bed. I felt like my contractions were still quite manageable. I had Jason rock and move and dance around the delivery room. He did a great job keeping me
comfortable. My nurse Stephanie was awesome and didn't seem to mind me asking to take the monitors on and offs while Jason and u swayed around the room.  After receiving the epidural from Dr Brown I began to relax.  Around 2am I felt the urge to push but wasn't quite dilated.  I kept saying I felt like the baby was slipping out.  Such a weird feeling.  I had the nurse check me and around 3:10 am with some painful painful pushes you came screaming into this world.  We were pleasantly suprised!!! A girl.  Charlotte Rosemary Kerr.