Sunday, June 21, 2015

First Family Camping Trip

This past weekend we decided to pack up and try camping.
We ended up booking at Wellsley Island State Park for two night.  For about $20.00 a night we thought it was an amazing deal.

Friday we arrived and Chris was in full helper mode.  He's such a good little boy.  We unpacked and unwound by the fire. 
Indulged on copious amounts of marshmallows and chocolate. 

That night it was rough getting the kids to sleep as there was no way to block the sun.  By 10pm they were sound asleep.  

Up at 6am we had coffee and breakfast on the cookstove.  I was able to catch a quick power nap from 8-10 am.  :). Jason  took the kids for wood.
We headed to the marina to rent a boAt for a few hours where we tried fishing and exploring the beautiful thousand islands.   Charlotte smiled the entire time. At first Chris was terrified.  Terrified of sharks and big fish.  With a lot of talk we convinced him he was safe.
We ended our boat ride with a water fight.  It was freeeeeeeezing but the kids loved it.
We headed back to the camp and changed into bathing suits and headed to the man made sandy beach.  The water was brutally cold so we only last about 15 minutes. 
Back to the site where Jason and I quickly showree she changed.  
We decided to take the kids to the local go kart track in Alexandria Bay. It was so much fun. Even Charlotte had the opportunity to go around the track with daddy.  A last-minute decision we ended up heading to Watertown for dinner at the Cracker Barrel. It's my favorite place. After which we headed to target for some shopping and of course alcohol pit stop at Walmart.  We then headed back to the campground.
It was around 9 PM so we started a fire just sat around and chatted before heading to bed around 10 Pm.

It rained pretty hard that night and we all woke up soaked.  We quickly packed up everything and headed back home.

So fun and we can't wait to go