Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Grandpa

In April my Grandpa was told he had a 
tumour on his lower calf.  A cancerous tumour nonetheless.  It needed to be removed ASAP.  The following week he was booked and scheduled to have this giant tumour.  And by giant I mean his pants were very tight to put on. So the survey was completed in early April by a surgical oncologist by the name of Dr Jay Engle.  Dr Engle is also a Associate Professor at Queens University. Smart guy!  For the surgery he would have the lump removed along with a skin graft from his upper thigh.  Surgery went really well, he stayed in Kingston General
Hospital for 2 weeks recovering.  He was then transferred to Lennox Addingtons hospitals convelesant home for long term care.   Every couple days we drive up to see him.  Usually bearing donuts or some
kind of delicious pastry. He absolutely loves seeing the kids.  Even though they are usually hyper and a bit crazy.  Playing with the bed and getting into everything.

A few appointments later due to post surgery follow up we hear things are healing well and other then him not walking we think he will be home in no time!
June 13th my Uncle Mike and I take him to another oncology appointment at the cancer Centre in Kingston.  The appointment was to talk about the possibility of Chemo therapy.  Dr Baetz the oncologist takes a look at his leg and looks concerned.  A new mass on the same site as his tumour has started. She immediately called in Dr Engle to take a second look.  Luckily he was on the floor that day. He looked at this new mass and
said he wasn't happy.  He took a biopsy on the spot.
Dr Baetz then sent us home with a referral to get a CT scan. 

Wednesday June 25th I picked up my Grandpa to take him to his scan.  He was feeling a little sluggish and was concerned as to the Ct scan.  I explained to him how it would work.
June 27 I pick Grandpa up nice and early and we drive to his oncology appointment in Kingston.  Dr Baetz would be reviewing the CT scan results as well as a follow up to some
Blood work and biopsy. 
The news was not what I wanted to
Hear/. I immediately was overcome by emotion as we listened to her speak.  My grandpa just nodded his head as he understood. 
The new mass had a name.  Merkel Cell cancer.  A very rare and extremely aggressive type of skin cancer.  Not only was it in his leg but a 10 mm growth on his bladder and a 4 mm growth on his right lung.  
Because of his kidneys being so weak Chemo is just not an option.  Radiation is far to risky because of the open site on his leg. 
Before the appointment started I asked my Grandpa if he wanted to consider moving home and getting some round the clock care.  He declined.
After the diagnoses he looked at me and said 'Jennifer, i want to go home now, where I'm comfortable'  
So now instead of focusing on my Grandpa getting better I need to
Focus on making him the most comfortable for how ever long he has left with us on this earth. 
As much as my heart aches I have to be strong now.  Knowing that soon he will be around those in heaven.  His daughter, his wife and many many relatives. I feel at peace knowing he won't be alone.

Despite the news that day was also Sophia's 5th birthday. He wanted to
Celebrate so off to Red Lobster we went. 

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