Friday, May 11, 2012

Growing up.

Beginning of April came so fast. Back to work I went at RBC while Jason stays home and looks after the sweet little peas. I get random texts throughout the day and am updated on what they are doing and how they miss me. :). Bittersweet really, love my job and love how I can escape the madness for a few short hour then come home to screams of happiness after a day full of playing with Daddy. Supper is usually on the table which is also a sweet ass perk.

A couple weeks ago we headed out for dinner with one of our besties Mike and his new girlfriend Christie. We ended up going to Tomasoes for the perfect dinner as usual.
Recently Sophia graduated to the next level of swimming and no longer needs me in the water with her :( she is doing fantastic and excelling. I've been pretty relaxed with Christopher and swimming lessons and hope to be more involved in the fall.
I'm so excited about tomorrow . It's pretty much my most fav time of year!! Gardening. Woot woot. Me and my Grandpa are hitting up some fancy nurseries in the morning. V:)

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